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In every 18 seconds, a car accident happens in the United States. And these accidents can occur anywhere without giving any warning or signal. Make sure that you remain protected with a reliable auto insurance policy. An auto insurance policy defends you from the financial loss you can have if you get involved in an accident. Many states have made it mandatory that drivers have minimum auto insurance coverage.

An auto insurance policy includes many kinds of coverages. We, at Coastal Insurance make sure that you get the right protection at the right price. These various coverages are:

Bodily injury liability insurance provides coverage if someone is injured or killed in an accident where you are involved. This coverage pays for the medical bills, legal defense if there is a lawsuit against you, and also protects your personal assets against a lawsuit.

Personal Injury Protection:

This coverage pays for the medical bills for the injuries that you or the passengers in your car sustained in an accident.

Property Damage Liability:

Property damage coverage protects you if your vehicle damages someone else’s vehicle or property. This insurance covers the cost to repair the other person’s vehicle and also covers the repair costs if your vehicle hits something on the road such as street light, fence, etc.

Comprehensive Physical Damage:

Apart from the damage your vehicle encounters other than an accident, the comprehensive physical damage includes the damage caused by theft, fire, or by any animal.

Uninsured Motorist:

This insurance covers you if you are involved in an accident by a motorist who is uninsured. This coverage pays for the medical expenses and the other related ones.


This coverage pays for the vehicle’s repair in case of an accident. This coverage is optional and many people do not buy it in case of older cars.

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